Victoria Robertshaw

Victoria Robertshaw

Co-owner, Keelham Farm Shop

Victoria Robertshaw is the co-owner of Keelham Farm Shop, a multi-award-winning family-run business that has been producing and selling fresh food on the outskirts of Bradford for over 40 years.

When Victoria’s father died, she returned to Yorkshire from a business management career in London, where she had spent 13 years in accountancy at Arthur Andersen and corporate strategy at Dixon Stores Group, to run the business alongside her brother James whose background was in farming.

In 2015, Keelham opened a second shop in Skipton that took fresh food retail to a new level in Yorkshire.  Across two shops, Keelham Farm Shop now serves more than one million customers a year and the team has grown from 56 in 2010 to 320 today. The business, which stocks produce from 400+ farmers, independent producers and suppliers, prides itself on offering the best available local, fresh, great-tasting food at prices everyone can afford.

Victoria has built a team that has transformed Keelham from a stereotypical ‘farm shop’ into an original, quirky and exciting retail concept, experience that will inform the Government’s new ‘Retail Sector Council’, of which she is a member.

Keynote 3 – Ian Thompson, Thompson Brand Partnership & Victoria Robertshaw

Main Stage

‘Trust is vital to the perfect creative relationship’ Victoria Robertshaw and Ian Thompson have worked together on the Keelham Farm Shop brand and customer experience for over five years. This hugely successful partnership has helped increase Keelham’s turnover by 80% with a 35% increase in margin. Keelham Farm Shop is bucking the downward trend in […]