Stephen Ardern

Stephen Ardern

Commercial Director at Uniform

Steve is a Board Director at the design and innovation company, Uniform.

Over the last 20 years, Uniform has been pushing boundaries in design and technology and has become one of the UK’s fastest growing creative agencies, appearing 38th in 2017 Design Week’s Top 100.

As the commercial lead within the company, Steve is responsible for working with a wide-range of clients such as Primark, Innocent, Gatorade and Unilever and is passionate about harnessing the value of creative thinking and design in a commercial context to create meaningful change.

Over the last seven years, Steve has been at the forefront of Uniform’s innovation offer and has seen the importance of embracing how the pace of change is creating a new and uncertain business environment that remains one of the greatest commercial challenges today.

Keynote 6 – Stephen Ardern & Erika Anderson, Uniform

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Bridging Trust Through Innovation & Design. In an era of continual change, consumers and business alike are struggling to keep up. Trust is in freefall but has never been more important. We understand the critical role trust plays when thinking about the consumers of tomorrow. It’s time to question how business can bridge their trust […]