Chris Moss

Chris Moss

Co-founder, MAV3RICK


Chris is a Business innovator and Intrapreneur. A highly experienced board level brand and marketing leader he has already created 3 multi-billion dollar brands with a track record of delivering award winning launch campaigns, broad-scale business transformation and sustained bottom line growth through product, service and communications innovation.

He is knowledgeable across the technology, telecommunications, travel and finance sectors with a particular interest in emerging service markets.

During his 8 years as Marketing director of Virgin Atlantic, Chris took the company from a single aircraft to loved international brand – and created Premium Economy, seat-back TV and on-board ice creams along the way.

Chris is the founder of the Orange brand and directed what is considered to be one of the most successful business launches in the last 20 years.

Chris also led the brand switch from ‘On Digital’ to ‘ITV Digital’, oversaw the brand merger of Lloyds Bank and TSB and as CEO of 118 118 delivered a masterclass in how to move from market entrant to market leader.

From 2013 to 2015, Chris was the customer and marketing director for B&Q, responsible for several advertising drives including the Unleashed campaign of 2014.

His new strategic business consultancy venture is MAV3ERICK – a group of over 20 divergent thinkers. The partners have all served time as execs, non-execs and advisory board members. Across private and public companies, and in Retail, Banking, Telecoms, Travel and more.

They delight in thinking the extraordinary and thrive on staying restless rather than join the status quo. They love growing companies and delivering customer benefits. Throw any questions at them, or ask them to deliver the impossible. They will give it a go.

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“Are designers capable of understanding, let alone delivering, against the business objectives?” A deliberately provocative title for our panel debate to get designers to discuss their approach and interpretation of their clients business objectives.

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