Quentin Millington

Quentin Millington

Founder, Marble Brook

Quentin Millington, Founder of Marble Brook is a former Chief Operating Officer (COO) in investment banking, Quentin supports executives and their teams to build more effective organisations. He clients include Apple, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Hewlett-Packard, RBS, Santander and UBS as well as smaller UK businesses..

Organisations today are under pressure from all sides. Employees want to be productive and grow at the same time. Customers expect businesses to offer great products and also ‘do the right thing’. Alongside financial returns, shareholders demand real social impact. And society gets upset if it does not like what it sees, even from a distance. Business, as hatched by the Industrial Revolution, is dying – profit from satisfying immediate customer needs is no longer enough. Boards and senior executives are under pressure to change how organisations operate.

In this keynote, Quentin Millington explains the challenge of aligning day-to-day work with a wider purpose that goes beyond profit. He offers practical ideas to help organisations do more for the four investors in their future – customers, employees, society and shareholders.

Day One: Keynote 2 – Quentin Millington

Main Auditorium

Quentin Millington, Founder, Marble Brook.