Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons

Founder at Propelia


Propelia was originally conceived as ‘Record Label for Ideas’ by its Founder Dan Simmons whilst working in artist development at Universal Music.

After a subsequent international career as a disruptive innovator, running various innovation hubs, incubators and enablers, he focused on navigating and unlocking new market spaces via creating new IP, brand collateral and associated assets.

He launched Propelia in 2012 to fill a clear gap in the market by becoming the UK’s first dedicated, specialist ‘Thought Leadership Accelerator”.


The Immersive Workshop

Dan leads the Thought Leadership Immersive Workshop.

This session aims to help you grow your business by setting you apart from the competitors by becoming a Thought Leader in your market.

Thought Leadership is about having a distinct point of view, setting yourself apart from others and creating a defensible position for your business in the market. It should be used as a marketing tool as part of your strategy to build momentum and engage with your audience. This workshop will help you to explore and develop a new strategy for becoming the leader in your market.

• Using Thought Leadership to create unique points of market differentiation
• Develop new intellectual property and construct competitive barriers for your company
• Understand how to take your customers on a journey with you when creating a new language, or  productising your assets
• Understand how Thought Leadership can enable you to pivot your business
• Using Thought Leadership for brand building and PR

During the workshop Dan will use real examples from those in the room to demonstrate the power of Thought Leadership and how to implement it.


Day Two – Workshop: Building Thought Leadership

Exeter City Futures

Led by Dan Simmons, Founder, Propelia.

School of Thought Workshop

Day One – Workshop: Building Thought Leadership

Exeter City Futures

Led by Dan Simmons, Founder – Propelia.

School of Thought Workshop