Mark Bamford –  Tagflix

Mark Bamford – Tagflix

CCO, Tagflix

Mark Bamford is the CCO for Tagflix and leads their market entry activities. He spends his days engaging publishers, brands and anyone using video, helping them realise the potential ROI of video and to understand their audience better through Tagflix’s real-time audience insights. 

Tagflix has created a platform that can index, and make discoverable the things audiences desire in video and do so in a rich, seamless and natural manner. Our mission is to unlock the true potential of video.

Mark has a truly varied and international background. With roles spanning 20 years in telecommunications infrastructure sales and delivery in China and Asia with Ericsson; strategy and business development consulting at leading firms like PwC and AECOM in Australia, London and Dubai, and more recently with his own firm acting as ‘man on the ground’ for international businesses looking to enter the UK market. 

Keynote 1 – Mark Bamford

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In 1997, Google indexed words and text on the internet making it more discoverable. In 2018 the hot topic is video, and now Tagflix Smart Video can index anything inside a video, allowing audiences to discover the things they desire, collect, share and even shop them! Tagflix has created a platform that can index, and […]